Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Like Twilight Zone? Don't Miss These Shows

I've always been a Twilight Zone fan. Something about that classic black-and-white film look, combined with the spooky twist. Not to mention this guy, who is arguably one of the best TV show hosts/creators of all time.

But while rewatching old episodes on Hulu, the website clued me into a couple of shows I missed. I've seen every episode of Twilight Zone at least five times, so being able to see NEW twisty stories shot on black-and-white film was a HUGE treat. Here are four shows you don't want to miss if you like Twilight Zone!

Alfred Hitchcock gets my vote for one of the worst TV hosts of all time, but the man could produce a movie. This TV series has great actors and suspenseful storylines. Watch on Hulu.

If not for Hulu, I would have never, ever known this show existed. It's supposedly based on true stories, but it has a definite Twilight Zone feel. Watch the pilot on YouTube. (To watch the rest, search One Step Beyond Season 1 episode 2, etc.)

It may not have the production quality of his original series, but Rod Serling's 1970s anthology series is definitely worth a watch. Some of the episodes are cheesy, but there are many, many more that will be on your mind for years after you watch them. Watch on Hulu.

I had to throw one modern-day example in! Stephen King tweeted about Black Mirror while he was watching the first season. I was curious, so I clicked over to Netflix and watched Season One. It's a British show that mixes Twilight Zone-style sci-fi with the future of tech. It proposes a future in which technology changes our lives...for better or worse. Watch on Netflix.

What is your favorite classic TV show?