Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Claw vs. The Granny

As I listened to yet another millennial ridicule the way we wore our hair in the 80s, I found myself sighing out loud. She even referred to it by a name I'd never heard before: The Kansas Claw.

The claw referred to that thing we did to the top of our head. It was shaped like a claw, I guess? Most of us were aiming more for something that looked like Blair Warner:

Yes, I get it. We looked ridiculous. But do we look any more ridiculous than they did in the 70s?

Or the 90s?

And what were young men to their hair doing a few years ago?

Flash forward to today when young women are intentionally doing this to themselves:

I'm not saying any one haircut is better than the other. I'm saying that you can't tell us we're the only generation to look back at our fashions and hairstyles years later and say:

What do you think is the worst hairstyle of all time?